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Tate's The Natural Miracle Foot Therapy
Tate's The Natural Miracle Foot Therapy
$35.96 each


Description: An all natural organic powder with an endless list of uses. Comes in a 5 oz bottle. All natural and odorless, will not stain. can be used over and over and over again. Can be frozen or warmed up.

Uses: The natural miracle foot therapy can be used for: Foot soak therapy, hand/nail soak therapy, pet/animal helper, pick up any and all spills, make ice/heat packs, removes dead skin cells, clear soil for your plants, makes cooling body gels, makes cleaning gels, makes aroma therapy gels, turns any liquid into a solid, foot detoxify, deep hand/feet/skin moisturizer, spill control, soil blend, make bait or garning gels, fire fighting gel.

8 oz. — $35.96